Nik’s Blog


This is bacially a rouze` to save bandwidth on my server by putting my blog here.

I was mystified that WordPress had an off-Server counterpart that was augmented with Ajax. Most of all: It was invite only

Nothing made me want an account more! Finally, I recieved a golden ticket and signed up.  After seconds of careful planning I made my own post and started a world wide revolution… called Entertaining Blogging.

Minutes after that first post, more and more entertaining blogs entered the internets. Thousands upon thousands withen a few hours. Not before long: No site was left besides copys of my own. Google was now a blog discussing numbers; MSN was now just a site about Monkey Sexual Nomentclature®. Everything… and I mean everything was a clone of this site.

Then, all of a sudden, a flash of light was seen throughout the internets, and all was normal. Google was a search engine, but MSN remained the same (the monkeys, remember?).


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